This website address was at one time the official website for the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF). Who at one time were the governing body for all of soccer in Calgary. Now this website belongs to me (John Kelly).

CALGARYSOCCERFEDERATION.COM will now be mainly dedicated to exposing the role of Gregory Stirling a former lawyer with Parlee McLaws in Calgary, and the many crooked and corrupt individuals he represented.

Stirling was the lawyer for the CSF and its member organizations, (CUSA) the Calgary United Soccer Association, (CWSA) Calgary Womens Soccer Association & (CMSA) the Calgary Minor Soccer Association. Stirling acted at times on behalf of the Alberta Soccer Association the Canadian Soccer Association and others.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Many of the corrupt, crooked and criminal acts that were committed by individuals from within the organizations named above, would have been stopped, and others stopped from happening, had it not been for Stirlings willing assistance and enabling in the cover ups, and by the commission of more crooked, corrupt and criminal acts.

What will be published will astound you. The sheer depth and breadth of their lies, many cover ups, the corrupt crooked and criminal acts that plowed and continues to plow Double Decker Buses, right through the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Stirling didn’t act alone. He was one of the main conductors, and he orchestrated and continued to orchestrate like minded individuals, in corrupting the justice system. Stirling and his cohorts, still believe to this day, that they can get away with the corrupt, crooked and criminal acts that they’ve committed and continue to commit.

The following are just some of what’s been covered up:

(a) Financial statements falsified yearly;
(b) Annual reports falsified yearly;
(c) Auditors reports totally ignored;
(d) Pervasive theft of gate monies, till monies, product;
(e) Employee fraud and theft;
(f) Misappropriation of funds;
(g) Misappropriation of inventory;
(h) Gross Financial mismanagement;
(i) Fraudulent claims submitted to Govt agencies;
(j) Monies missing from Casino accounts;
(k) Individuals illegally elected to the Board;
(l) Membership lied to on a regular basis;
(m) Donors and sponsors lied to;
(n) False statements filed with the Police;
(o) Government Officials & Agencies lied to;
(p) Auditors reports totally ignored;
(q) Directors and Family members hired to paid positions;

The information that will be published on this site is accurate and has been taken from official documents, police investigation files, audio and videotapes, F.O.I.P. requests, past and present police officers, minutes of board  meetings, annual reports, auditors reports, financial statements, press releases, media investigation files, correspondences, court transcripts, examination transcripts and transcripts of meetings.

Their own words, their own materials, their own documents, their own e-mails, their own actions, their own correspondences, and all of the other electronic materials, documents, reports obtained via the freedom of information requests also damn them.

This website is a work in progress:

I can be reached at csfwebpage@gmail.com