This page will detail my interactions with Glenn Montgomery, who is one of the 12 individuals named by Kent Breedlove has having had an unbroken tenure as the Treasurer of the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF) from the 8th Day of June 2013 to date.

Subsequent to Kent Breedloves examination, my further investigation(s) caused me to retrieve many documents from Alberta Corporate Registries, and have contact with several individuals, including two (2) very informative phone calls with Glenn Montgomery. Below are extracts (from my notes) on what Glenn stated to, and his reaction, after being informed of what I had uncovered.

GLENN MONTGOMERY CONVERSATION NUMBER 1: Glenn stated within this 22 minute call, that, he has not been involved with CMSA for many many years. That he has never been on the board of the CSF. That he has not signed any documents as filed by the CSF. That he has not attended any Board meetings for many many years. That he has no idea why his cell phone number or signature would be posted on any of those filed documents. And no idea why his name would be posted on those filed documents, and that the CSF ceased to operate in 2012. MORE TO COME:

GLENN MONTGOMERY CONVERSATION NUMBER 2: Glenn stated within this 14 minute call, that he had been in touch with the Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) via e-mail. That he is waiting to hear back from them. If they do not get back to him, he will contact his lawyer and will have no hesitation in contacting the police if he does not receive proper responses MORE TO COME:

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