1. On the 13th Day of November 2002 the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF) and Terry Brooker, as Plaintiffs, filed a Statement of Claim against me (John Kelly) as Defendant. The claim was filed at the Court of Queens Bench Calgary,  it was 34 paragraphs in length and was never served on me. Six months later on the 29th April 2003 the Plaintiffs then filed an Amended Statement of Claim which they had expanded to 53 paragraphs in length.

2. Of paramount importance are the paragraphs within their claim, which are numbered 4650 and 51. As stated these claims are contained in their filed Amended Statement of Claim, but were not in their original claim.

PARAGRAPH 46. As a result of the defamation and false allegations made by the Defendant against the Plaintiffs, the Plaintiff’s have endured and been forced to respond to an investigation by the Calgary Police Service and the Crown, and inquiries by Harvey Cenaiko, the member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary Buffalo. Although the Plaintiff’s have been cleared of any wrongdoing to the satisfaction of these parties, the Plaintiffs were forced to endure damage to their reputation and an expenditure of resources in having to defend themselves. 

PARAGRAPH 50. Despite the clearance of these allegations against the Plaintiffs through investigations, the Defendant will continue to defame and harass the Plaintiffs relentlessly, further damaging their reputation and making other individuals and entities reluctant to assist the CSF in its operations.

PARAGRAPH 51. The harm caused and continued to be caused to the Plaintiffs as  a result of their defamation and harassment is not compensable by damages, and will continue unless and until such time that the Defendant is restrained from such activities by way of injunction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On the 29th Day of April 2003, the very same day they filed that Amended Statement of Claim, Gregory Stirling attended a full Board meeting of the Calgary Soccer Federation. At that meeting, Stirling assured the Board that he was going to immediately gain an injunction against me, as per what was stated in PARAGRAPH 51 above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gregory Stirling never did file or make an application for an injunction as per the promises he made to the CSF Board on that day.

3. One of the main reasons he didn’t, is that Stirling (their lawyer), soon found out that the claims they had made before the courts, and he had filed, and specifically those claims in paragraphs 46 and 50 were all lies. Stirling also soon found out that all of the contents of my publications were true, as they are true now. Stirling also knew full well that any application for an injunction against me would be doomed to fail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In late 2015 the Calgary Soccer Federation and Terry Brooker via their lawyer Gregory Stirling informed the Court of Queens Bench that they were no longer proceeding with any of their claims. They had kept those claims (which they knew to be false) alive, so they could use it as a tool to discredit me, whenever they were brought to task and asked about my publications. (more to follow)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The corrupt and criminal actions of Gregory Stirling beggar belief. The damage done as a result of the corrupt and criminal actions of Gregory Stirling also beggar belief. (more to come).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: My counterclaim is still before the court and new and further legal action will also be undertaken in the near future. Those new and further legal actions will include legal actions against the Plaintiffs as well as legal actions against Gregory Stirling and others.

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