1. Peter Mallet was a senior sports reporter with the Globe and Mail, he was well recognized and reported on Canadian soccer at the highest level. I first had contact with Peter in 2006, many more conversations on the phone and via other means ensued. Many e-mails exchanged, documents and evidence where forwarded of the ongoing criminal and corrupt acts that were being perpetrated  within the Alberta Soccer Association (the ASA) specifically the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF), all with the knowledge of the Executive of the Canadian Soccer Association (the CSA) from the President down.

2. As part of his investigation, Mallet interviewed and spoke to executive members of the CSA and individuals working for them. He also spoke with senior member(s) of the Calgary Police Service. As well as Gregory Stiring the lawyer for the CSF, who was also the go to guy that the CSA and the ASA referred to when confronted with the contents of my publications. Gregory Stirling is a lawyer with Firm of Parlee McLaws in Calgary.


3. On the 14th day of May 2007 Colin Linford the then President of the CSA when questioned by Peter Mallett of the Globe and Mail in a conference call, stated that an investigation was being conducted into Calgary and Alberta soccer.

4. Within hours of that statement being made by Linford, Mallett received a telephone call from Richard Scott who was the communications Director of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). Scott informed Mallett that the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) had already completed an Investigation and the ASA had found all of the allegations to be false. Richard Scott lied.

5. When informed of this statement by Scott, Mike Traficante who was an executive board member of the CSA and past President of the ASA, stated that there had been no investigation completed by the ASA and that the statement from Richard Scott was obviously a lie.

6. When questioned on his false statements and lies regarding the supposed “investigation” conducted by the ASA, Richard Scott of the CSA informed Mallett that he could no longer speak on these matters and then stated the following… “ The A.S.A. has asked the C.S.A. to forward any and all questions relating to Mr. John Kelly and his allegations to Mr. Stirling. “ All roads lead back to Gregory Stirling.


7. When contacted by Peter Mallett, all Stirling provided was lies and false statements in his attempts to cover up what his clients had done, and what he (Stirling) knew. Stirling also referred Mallett to the Amended Statement of Claim that he, Stirling, had filed before the court, and the claims Stirling knew to be false.

8. When they were not enough Stirling contacted the head of the Globe and Mail and resorted to threats of Court actions, the Globe and Mail blinked, and Peter Mallett was told by his Editor he could not publish. (much more to follow  on this)

9. Stirling also referred Mallett to the Calgary Police Service, who had their own vested interest in keeping the criminal and corrupt acts committed by the CSF and others from being widely published by the Globe and Mail. What Mallett was told by the Calgary Police to be published soon. This website is a work in progress: I can be reached at see website links below: