1. Why have there been no other major Soccer Centers built in Calgary since the one built in the S.E. 1992. Quite simply it’s because of extensive theft, fraud, the mismanagement of Millions of Dollars, dereliction of duties, obstruction of justice, criminal and corrupt acts, the cover ups that followed, and much more.

Those were the reasons the City of Calgary finally kicked and booted the Calgary Soccer Federation and all of  it’s umbrella organizations, out of the Calgary Soccer Center in December 2012. The City of Calgary have never let them back in and still run the operations to this day.

Make no mistake, the Calgary Soccer Federation was and still is as corrupt an organization as you can get, it’s leaders have for decades knowingly covered up multiple criminal acts committed by members of it’s own board, and those of other boards.

The cover ups are still continuing, the lawyers for the CSF might have changed, but their mission is still the same… (more to follow)

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