Kent Breedlove is at present a lawyer practicing in Alberta and governed by the Law Society of Alberta. Breedlove is also the Vice President of Stillwater Capital, and also sits on the Board of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

Kent Breedlove is also a lawyer who is now doing his best to outshine Gregory Stirling in the corrupt, crooked and criminal acts department. In a short space of time, Breedlove has knowingly sworn to and filed, an Affidavit that he knew was rife with false statements, designed to mislead a Court of Queen’s Bench Justice. That is perjury and is a serious offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. Kent Breedlove has also knowingly filed documents at Corporate Registries Alberta, that are also rife with false statements and fraudulent, even more serious offences. At this rate he will make Gregory Stirling look like a choir boy.

At present Breedlove is professing to be a Director and the President of the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF). Breedlove has done so in his sworn Affidavit that has been filed at the Court of Queen’s Bench Alberta in civil action 0201-19097, by the Calgary Law firm of BURNETT DUCKWORTH PALMER (BDP).

Kent Breedlove has been cross examined under oath on the contents of his sworn Affidavit. What that examination has revealed will be published on this and other pages in the near future. For clarity, Breedlove was a Full Time Associate Lawyer with BDP from the August of 2007 until the December of 2013.

Breedlove within his examination, swore under oath (about the CSF) ” it’s never been an operating entity when I’ve been the President “. Further, according to CSF documentation filed at Alberta Corporate Registry in the May of 2020, Breedlove stated he has been the President of the CSF since the 8th June 2013, that is eight (8) years unbroken tenure.

Breedlove also filed documentation at Alberta Corporate Registry stating that Eleven (that is 11) other individuals have also been Officers or Directors of the CSF for at least the same period of time. That is 12 individuals with 8 years of unbroken tenures as Officers and Directors of an organization that Breedlove has swore to under oath, ” it’s never been an operating entity when I’ve been the President ” the past eight (8) years.

Kent Breedlove was examined under oath regarding his sworn Affidavit. Now let’s remember, Breedlove is a practicing lawyer and Vice President of Stillwater Capital and sits on the Board of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. And yet upon reviewing the transcripts of his 109 page examination, one can’t help but get the impression of someone, who’s being at the very least, extremely vague, extremely evasive, extremely squirrelly, extremely defensive, extremely dishonest and for a man like that, to be all of that, there is definitely something rotten going on. STAY TUNED:

CSF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: Not Audited since 2011 – Coming Soon.


LAW SOCIETY OF ALBERTA: Oversees lawyers within Alberta: Coming Soon.

There’s a lot more to be published, that will shock Calgary Soccer to its very core.

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