1. Let me be as clear and as forthright as I can. The definition of “crook” in the Oxford English dictionary, is as follows, a person who is dishonest or a criminal.

2. Well that makes Gregory Stirling the very definition of a crook.

3. Stirling for the longest time, has been involved in the cover up, and continues to be involved in covering up, the very very substantial thefts of soccer membership monies, as well as covering up frauds, attempted frauds, gross mismanagement’s of funds, dereliction of duties, and many other corrupt and criminal acts that have been committed within and under the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF) umbrella.

4. Stirling is guilty of conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, obstruction of justice and other acts punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada. He has done all of this whilst being counsel for the CSF and Terry Brooker, and the CSA and the ASA and others.

5. I have a blog on the internet under the title

6. I stopped that blog on or about the 27th May 2007, as I’d been promised by Colin Linford the then President of the Canadian Soccer Association, as well as Executive members Victor Montagliani, Mike Traficante and Vincent Ursini, that they were going to fully investigate the Calgary Soccer Federation and other entities, and hold all those responsible for any wrongdoings, accountable.

Silly me I believed them.

7. I added to that blog with a better website in 2008 which was not a blog. This new website and others were a casualty of the actions of Ex Chief Rick Hanson of the Calgary Police Service, that you will read about on this site. has somehow stayed up throughout, It is still a good read and many, many, rotten apples are named….

8. If you want copies of the previous websites that were a casualty of Ex Chief Rick Hanson then please e-mail me at and provide me with a contact name and number.

9. I promise you this, what will be exposed on this website and others, will show how these individuals actions, separately and also collectively, contributed to the extreme damage done to Soccer in Canada.

10. Once again, all of the individuals named on this website, and other websites authored by me, are well aware of what’s being published. They’ve been challenged many times to prove what’s being published is not true, and many times they’ve neglected to do so, refused to do so, or outright lied.

This webaite is a work in progress:

I can be reached at